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What is this site?

Right now, it is a start. It is a template I need to modify and add content to. Right now it isn’t much… but it will be.

I want this to be a learning site. Over the years I have gained a lot of knowledge and sharpened my skills by learning via online tutorials and courses. I think this is a great resources and I want to contribute to the creative community by creating my own and offering the site as a way to offer other creators tutorials to those seeking to better themselves.

So far I have reached out to a few others who have either not been interested in helping or took the approach of “let me know when it is up and running” but that is not want I want. I want an active collaboration with like-minded individuals.

So I will do this on my own to start. The goal: to produce instructional content in a professional and entertaining way. That can be online classes, courses or posts.

It will take awhile but hopefully this will be worth it for myself and for others.

13th August 2018

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